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The Akheton family of corporations comprises one of the galaxy’s largest neutral conglomerates for the production and service industries. In its capacity as a neutral conglomerate and in order to lead the industrial and service industries, all its subsidiary factions offer ongoing and active sales to the public.

Never content to rest on their laurels, Akheton has impressed the galaxy and indeed itself by continually striving for more. While some companies focus on their technology to create a better product, Akheton breaks down the barriers that prevent a real understanding of what technology is - not an exploitation of resources for better products, but a fusion of resources and the sentient spirit into a new kind of creation that transcends both.

Embodying the philosophical wholeness that springs eternal from their capitol of Naboo, Akheton is more than its chemistry, more than its industry and more than its analysis. Akheton strives for the higher ideal of efficiency, an efficiency which exists not in one department of life, but in life itself.

Galactic Concordiate Expands Membership
Akheton CorporationGalactic Concordiate Expands Membership
Reposted by: Chief Executive Officer Tabty Haasza (Orig. Navik Ikron)
Date: Year 14 Day 177

The Galactic Concordiate Executive Council held a press briefing today at a Concordiate Gala hosted in The Avance Coalition capitol to announce the expansion of its alliance. The Avance Coalition and the Akheton Conglomerate both signed the Treaty of Forsetti earlier this week to become the first additions to the Concordiate since its formation just [60] days ago. Both groups have a rich history with many of the initial signatories in the Concordiate, which the Executive Council cited as the primary reason for quick entry into the alliance.

The Akheton Corporation joins the Concordiate as the first member state in the alliance. Its storied history highlights its long-held values of neutrality, prosperity and companionship ideals held at the forefront of the Concordiate mission. Akheton brings with it a large, capable team spread across four subsidiary factions and one of the widest selections of vehicular technology in the galaxy. Chief Executive Officer Tabty Haasza described what its inclusion in the alliance means for his group:

"Akheton has strived to remain neutral in continued times of galactic conflict. For this reason, we haven not seen ourselves allied with or part of any group or government. With the recent forming of the galaxy's strongest neutral affiliation, the Galactic Concordiate, becoming a member state was our biggest goal. I am happy today to say we have achieved that goal. Chief Operating Officer Rael sul C`an will be Akhetons representative to the General Council as he has a vested interest in seeing our relationship prosper. Rael and I hope Akheton can stand as a shining example of the excellence the Galactic Concordiate promotes and the type of groups we hope to find ourselves working with in the future."

The Executive Council expressed its excitement at the inclusion of additional members into the alliance, and focused on plans for the future, including a joint base of operations and continued diplomatic focus on other interested parties. Magistrate Jacob Jansen closed the press conference with emphasis on the unprecedented nature of the alliance and its rapid expansion:

"Both Avance and Akheton will become great assets to the Concordiate at large as we continue to grow and move on to new, larger projects - projects that will pull our members closer together in our desire to live in peace in the face of a hostile galaxy. The alliance will continue to stick to its mandate when selecting new members, but we encourage all who share our ideals to explore what never existed prior to the Concordiate's formation - a neutral existence without fear of complete annihilation from the fallout of the civil war."
New Akheton Executive
New Akheton ExecutiveNew Akheton Executive
Posted by: Chief Executive Officer Tabty Haasza
Date: Year 13 Day 288

It is with great pleasure that I get to announce the newest Akheton Executive, Rael sul C`an. Rael will be overseeing production in both Akheton Cosmonautic Corporation and Akheton Vehicle Corporation. He has extensive knowledge with all things production, and there is no doubt in my mind that he is perfect for this position.

Rael started out his Akheton career in Akheton Security Forces as a logistic pilot. He quickly rose through the ranks of delivery pilot and soon found himself in Akheton Cosmonautic Corporation. It wasn't long before the previous owner and CEO of Akheton Corporation, Darwyn Vercades, decided Rael could handle running the faction and being in charge of Akheton's ship needs. It was in that role that Rael stayed until recently, when he began helping out accross the corporation.

This promotion is overdue, and well deserved. Please congratulate him in his achievement in attaining one of the highest positions within the Akheton Corporation.


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